customer service

With extensive use of concrete products in recent years. the market demand for concrete admixtures increases rapidly. ConFix Construction Admixture Ltd. is dedicated to providing customers with the complete solutions from basic raw materials to the final admixture products. ConFIX Construction Admixture Ltd. provides customized services. Based on the product compatibility experiment. ConFIX Construction Admixture Ltd. Chemist will design the best-fit production process according to the customer’s available resources and materials. To meet the environmental requirements from customers. ConFIX Construction Admixture Ltd. provides automatically controlled production equipment with high accuracy. 

ConFIX Construction Admixture Ltd. has a committed and responsive customer service system. The company emphasizes product marketing and pre/post-sales service. We have Territory engineers to help you at the work site. ConFIX Construction Admixture Ltd. has sales agents in many major cities of Bangladesh. Customers may get ConFIX Construction Admixture Ltd. products and services conveniently.

In addition to products and sales service. ConFIX Construction Admixture Ltd. also provides technical training For IHB & Mason and production facilities re-engineering. Complete customer satisfaction is our business goal.